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Jul. 10th, 2008 @ 10:46 pm Cultural Fixation
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Date:July 11th, 2008 01:11 pm (UTC)
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Agreed, with my own twist. My family is Swedish on both sides and my mother came to the US when she was 21, so I grew up with a LOT of Swedish/Scandinavian culture and even know the language some. I think one of the reasons why some recons may fixate on the culture is due to a lack of a cultural identity when growing up. My take on it is this: yes, I'm Swedish, I know what it means, but it's not the alpha and omega for me.

I'm also Kemetic Orthodox, and in the House of Netjer there is a strive to understand both ancient and modern Egyptian culture, since you can still see some of the influence of the worship of Netjer in Egyptian Islam and Coptic Christianity. Then again I also think there are very few in the House who have Egyptian ancestry, and thus it's less of a concern than in, say, Asatru or CR.