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Reconstructionists and Traditionalists

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Please note: When joining this community, your request will be submitted to the moderator for approval. In an effort to prevent trolls we will only add you if we can find a reason to believe you are not one. Thank you for understanding.

This is a forum for members of all Reconstructionist faiths and cultural traditionalists to interact and discuss common interests. Important note: This is not a community for Satanic, Neopagan, Wiccan, or Hermetic/ceremonial magic(k) discussions, nor is it a place for fiction and poetry. Posts on these topics will be deleted.


1) Posts should have a strong Pan-Reconstructionist theme
2) Arguments should be academic, not ad hominem
3) Pics and long posts behind an LJ-cut, please
4) Crossposting is discouraged. A link to the post elsewhere with a note about why it is interesting to a pan-Reconstructionist audience is appreciated.

Some links to other Recon communities:

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Many thanks to ursus77 for building this community and keeping it going for so long.